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Saving one tree at a time. #reclaimedwood

About My Shop

Kelly Reardon-Sleicher, Principal, Denim n' Heels

Creativity has always been in my blood (Mom said so). I enjoy using unusual items to solve crafting problems. I often wander the hardware store isles not knowing what I'm looking for ...until I find it. I like to sew, dabble in graphic design and help other entrepreneurs.

Shipping / Refunds / Exchanges

I usually ship UPS ground. Orders take 3-7 business days depending on where you live. If you need your item quickly, I’ll do my very best to work with you because I’ve been a buyer in need of a fast turn-around. Contact me and I will let you know.

Please note my inexpensive shipping as I have secured a savings and pass it along to directly to my customer because, let's face it, shipping is pricey. Who couldn't use a few dollars of savings every now and then?

Refunds and Exchanges
If your item was damaged during shipping, please take pictures and contact me immediately.
Sometimes a package gets lost during shipping. It's not your fault & it's not mine either. If this happens, I will remake the item and re ship it in a timely manner.